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Everyone has little things that inspire them. A song, an era, a hero. This board is a collection of those famous and not so famous people who always make me smile and inspire me a great deal.




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Ok so I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers of starting YouTube videos. No I am not sure if this would be something my readers would be interested in. If so please comment. If not let’s just ignore this post and continue on our merry journey of the written word. 

Examples of possible videos:

Crochet tutorials

Yarn hauls(have never seen one and really want this to happen)

House hauls

Maybe….. Simidaily vlogs… Big maybe.

Cooking tutorials


And I guess if this would be something you’d be interested in leave a comment with a suggestion.
See ya’ll later!

Book of the Moment: Anne of Green Gables



Now for the record this has been one of my favorite books since I was about 11-12. If you’ve ever seen the part in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan is going on about how much she loves Pride and Prejudice, that is how I feel about Anne of Green Gables. I love the way she talks and how she has the biggest imagination in the world. Every simple object can be intensified by a new exotic name or different point of view. 

And she has such confidence in her opinion that no matter what she sticks to her guns. At the same time she is willing to expand her knowledge through learning and new experiences. 

It’s one of those great pieces of literature that you can read over and over again and still find something new and beautiful. 

Honestly I could gush forever over this book. Basically I highly recommended it for everyone (including you males). 

Catchall Cabin Crochet Circle


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So as I promised all your crafty people there would be a post all about you. More specifically the crochet minded people. 

Now I say crochet minded because the really doesn’t apply to people who already know how to crochet. Basically, I’ve had the idea of wanting to start giving crochet lessons in my area. That being San Antonio, Texas. So any not from this area I do apologize, as much as I’m sure I would love whatever city you may be in this is where I live so this is where it makes sense to give said lessons. 

No I’ve bounced around ideas of what the first lesson would be a I’ve decided on a simple yet very useful (cause that’s how I like things) granny square blanket. 

     This was the first thing I ever learned to crochet and it was a great starting point. I still believe it would be a great starting point for any beginner as it teaches, the basic stitches, is simple, but has endless possibilities for creativity!

Please let me know if you would interested in the first class. I do want to keep the class small and low key.

See ya’ll later!

Hello again!


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My oh my, it has been ages since I last wrote a post. I have missed it but it was starting to become very hectic around here. Well let me dig into what has been going on.


First, me and the Hubby were both in that wedding I mentioned. Everything went beautifully! The food was amazing, the Rice Krispies were delightful and the music was exciting. I ended up doing the brides hair (scheduling disaster), and the flowers and be the Matron of Honor. So much crammed into a day!





Since then we have been trying to catch our breathes and not doing a very good job of it. Hubby found a new job which is very exciting! But it also means we had to get a new car ( yes, I say had because we thought of all the scheduling possibilities and none of them worked). I’m very proud of us for going almost four years sharing a car. But I am also excited because it means I get a car all to myself! Can you say circle monogram decal?!





Plus, I have been organizing a surprise anniversary party for my parents! 35 years and somehow we kids have never thrown them a party! But this will be a large jolly bash I’m sure. Filled with daisies and mason jars and photos through the years.





Many more things will be coming soon so keep an eye out here. Also for all you crochet/yarn minded people look out for a post coming soon directed right at you!


See ya’ll later!


Bridal Shower: Cake pops


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Ahhh so you may remember me mentioning that some very close friends of ours had gotten engaged. Well I was completely honored when the bride named me as one of her bridesmaids. Of course I had to throw her a shower!! You will see many posts coming up detailing the decor, food, games, and even gift ideas! As you can tell I’m very excited about this series.

To start off the ultimate!! Cake pops!


Cake Pops

1 box of white cake mix
1 jar of cream cheese frosting
3 eggs
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 tablespoon shorting (Crisco)
1 bag of bright white melting chocolate
1 bag of bright pink melting chocolate
2 cans of Wilton’s gold food spray
1 small jar of edible gold glitter

1 tube of gold dust

1. Bake the cake mix as normal. let cool until touchable. then crumble into a giant mixing bowl.

2. Add the tub of frosting and mix until it has the consistency of cookie batter.

3. Place wax paper on trays. and start to roll the cake/frosting mixture into balls about an 1 in. in diameter. Place on trays and freeze for at least 2 hours. More is fine, I actually left mine in there for a few days.

4. Melt chocolate melts in a double boiler, to get that soft pink color I used one bag of bright white to one bag of bright pink. you’ll have just a bit leftover but, I’m sure you can think of ways to eat it…

5. Add just a bit of shorting to help keep the chocolate malleable. once the chocolate has melted let it cool just a bit, then pour into a tall glass. this will make it much easier to cover the entire pop.

6. Take out the cake balls and your sticks. Poke a hole with the stick into the cake ball,  then dip the end of the stick into the chocolate. Poke the end covered with chocolate back into the hole you just made in cake ball. Let this chocolate set before you dip the entire ball.

7. Once the chocolate is set, then dip the pop into the chocolate. cover completely, gently tap against side of glass , then set upright in either a stand or a block of Styrofoam. repeat this process until all pops are covered. I found it easier to keep the cake pops on the stick if you have 2 trays of balls and alternate dipping to keep them frozen. This prevented the cake balls from falling off the sticks, while dipping.

At this point you could leave the cake pops as they are. But if you notice I had to decorate them a little more!

First, I sprayed them with the gold food spray. WARNING!!! This part will turn your hand gold! About a foot away from the top of the cake pop. this gave the best effect without making the gold drip down the sides.

Next I sprinkled the large gold glitter on top.

Earlier I had made the chocolate cameos with just the white Wilton’s chocolate. to decorate those I painted the gold spray on, and after it dried, I dusted them with the gold dust.

After both these steps are done, you simply dap a tiny bit of luke warm chocolate into the back of the cameo and use that as glue to stick them onto the cake pop.


All that’s left to do now enjoy!

Side note: there was not a single cake pop left at the shower!


See ya’ll later!


Peace and Hobbies


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Recently, I had someone severely critique my lifestyle. They said it was boring and more suited to someone much older than myself. They said I need to get out more and get a life.

This made me feel very sad for them. Because the way I see it I greatly enjoy my life. I love sitting on the couch in my free time watching black and white Audrey Hepburn movies and crocheting. I enjoy spending my Saturday afternoons testing cake pop recipes with my sister and worrying over weather or not we should use the gold glitter for the chocolate mold or the silver. I bask in the relaxation of taking an hour long bath on Sunday before going to bed at 9:00pm.

These are things that I truly enjoy, that I love and don’t want to change. I don’t agree with this person that these are things only someone over the age of 60 should enjoy. Why can’t I as a 22 year old married woman not also enjoy these things? Why does your age have to dictate your hobbies and choices of recreation? I don’t think it does.

Hope you enjoyed my little vent. And maybe learned something from it if you’ve never had a chance to think about this subject.

See y’all later!

Love List


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For some reason I feel like every week I either have very high, highs or very low, lows. No nice middle of the road weeks with a good mix of both. but that is one of the reasons I do this post, and try to write it frequently, is to remind myself of the highs even if the high was eating a bar of chocolate it was still a high right?


1. Getting started on a weekly workout routine with one of my friends. We spent half the time giggling at each other, because we looked so silly trying to do ballet in my living room.

2. Going grocery shopping with my hubby. I truly enjoy those trips we take together.

3. Walking into every store and having my noise filled with the glorious scent of cinnamon. Heaven!!

4. Listening to Girl Online and absolutely loving it!

5. Actually sticking to healthy eating and looking pretty decent because of it.

6. Having dreams of visiting New York next fall. Not plans, just dreams.

7. So proud of myself for baking my first gluten-free cake and it came out amazing!

8. Almost to 100 twitter followers! Still can’t believe it, I will definitely do a giveaway once I do.

9. Getting to crunch through the acorns while walking down the side-walk.

10. Seeing video of friends playing in the snow in New York. It maybe more snow then they are used to but, they are finding the fun in it!

Bonus! Listening to Disney Love songs while typing this up. they really are some of my favorite love songs.


See ya’ll later!

Winter Socks!


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I love when the weather get cold and you are able to snuggle inside with a big, mug of hot chocolate, a long movie (i.e., Pride and Prejudice, 10th Kingdom, Star Wars, Frozen) and some super comfy cozy socks! Sock are great during the winter because they are fluffy and warm a long and homemade, and so many other wonderful things! ( Did I just gush over socks?) Yes, yes I did. and I am not ashamed of it! In fact I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my love of wonderful winter socks. Come see.


See y’all later!

Time flies

I truly feel like has been flying by, this year especially!! When I think that we were just moving into our current place last year it’s amazing I feel like it’s only been months, and yet decades at the same time.

This same time last year my best friend was single and next month she will be celebrating her first wedding anniversary! Last month a great friend of ours got engaged to another! All this change is wonderful and exciting but it makes me miss the simple days when nothing changed and we were carefree and life was happy and simple.

Even so these times help me to remember that I want to cherish these times. These memories. These brief moments. Before time flies more quickly and these times disappear…

See y’all later!