What I’ve been working on!

Hello as you can tell it’s been very silent over here in the old blog. Mostly because I’ve been a busy little bee working in my shop! So I thought I’d give you a little update on a few things I’ve been making.

First, I have been busy on the needles knitting away which is still fairly new to me but, myself (a quite a few customers!) have fallen in love with this lovely bow-tie scarf pattern. 

It’s is super quick and easy and just so squishy once it’s finished! So needless to say many f these have been worked up, packed up and sent off to thier new homes.

I’ve also been working on some lovely cotton washcloths to sell at a craft fair at the end of summer.

There are also a few baby blankets in the works, as I’ve run low on the ones in stock. 

As always you can order one to your taste and specs! 😉

Then there may or may not be a few patterns in development. I’ll give you hints 1. Rose 2. Food

That’s about it! 

See y’all later!


Love List 4.11.2016

Hello dearies!

This week has been mildly pleasant. As the past few weeks have been very stressful I haven’t really put many love lists together. Which lets face it, just means I need to focus on the positive more right?! So let’s digg in again and get these happy thoughts flowing!

1. Excerise. I have never been a big exceriser, dreaded P.E. In school (mostly because I hate running) and I love the comfort of my couch. But I have been loving Lucy’s 4 minutes workouts! (Link) she is amazing!

2. Playing with my pup, I truly do not appreciate his smiling face near enough.

3. Stuffing my face with crawfish so spicy, I was crying while eating! Totally worth it!

4. The surprisingly coolish weather for a Texad April. WONDERFUL! 

Catchall Cottage: Pineapple Pillow

  This pillow was fun to make! I was inspired after looking through photos from our beautiful honeymoon in Charleston, SC. 

And of course my love of crochet pillows is well known around here! And my love of new patterns, so this little beauty popped in my head and begged to be made. 

Here’s a few progress photos.

And then of course the final result! 

This pillow available for purchase as both a ready made/made to order item or a crochet pattern.

Pillow: https://www.etsy.com/listing/268616113/pineapple-pillow

Pattern: https://www.etsy.com/listing/271800408/pdf-pineapple-pillow

See y’all later! 

P.S. For Ravlery users please look for pineapple pillow under Hannah Ketzels Designs.

Set back

Well we were doing really good on here for a while. Sometimes you just get a little tired and everything falls to the side. (Like I seriously need to buy groceries instead of ordering take out.) Hopefully soon I’ll be back up and running and a moderate pace again. 

Till then go check out my other social media (links below) to see what I’ve been up too! There is lots to explore on my Instagram (HannahsCatchallCottage) and my Pinterest. (Hannah Ketzel) 

See y’all later! 

Book of the Moment: Southern as a Second Language

This 3rd and final book of this trilogy was a bit of a disappointment I’ll be honest. Again a very quick read but, what I didn’t like was it seemed to be a rewrite of the first book but, set in a different location and was a few minor differences. 

I think it could have been a lot better if the story had gone a different route. Mostly enjoyable otherwise, and again a light read. 

See ya’ll later.

Love List 02.22.2016

As you may have noticed I decided to start adding dates to my love list posts. Just to make them more unique.

1. Finishing this guy! And still working on writing out the pattern but very close.

2. Falling in love with my husband everyday. I can’t help it, he is amazing!

3. Having a bad day, I called my hubby and the first thing he said after I spilled my guts in a sobbing mess was, “Sweetie, go buy yourself some yarn. And watch Anne of green gables. ” I love that man!

4. Hanging out with some good friends, eating, chatting, and laughing into the night.

5. Making this beautiful pie per mamas recipe. And getting tons of compliments! (Thanks Mama!) 

6. Watching the birds on my porch.

7. Starting to plan my plantings for the Spring. Has anyone tried hanging cherry tomatoes?

8. Loved this article! http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/02/baths-the-key-to-surviving-february.html?xid=soc_socialflow_facebook_realsimple

9. Pretty proud of myself I made my step goal for one day! Over 11,000 steps.

10. Just enjoying life, the ups, downs and wiggles inbetween.

See ya’ll later!

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio! 2016

It’s rodeo time here in SA! And that means, cowboy boots, big hair and yummy carnival food!

I always have to start my rodeo day with a funnel cake! It’s classic and delicious. I suggest sharing with a friend unless you are feeling particularly ravenous.

Next just explore. We walked around the grounds a few times going through the shopping center, watching the livestock, (totally had high school FFA flashbacks), and then a few of the tour tents.


Here were a few of the animals in the Texas wildlife tent. Our favorite was the prairie dog, he looked like he was in jail.

We spent a ton of time with the livestock shows (sheep, goats, cattle) because that’s what I showed in high school. Well I showed goats but, I loved hanging out with the cow kids. The cows are so sweet and fluffy and most of them are just gentle giants. It’s wonderful!

We also discovered the Lego tent. Which quite frankly I’ve never seen before at the rodeo so this was a new experiance for both of us.

Overall a great experiance. I do think the shops were lacking a bit but, that can’t really be helped when they added more room for the animals. Go! Take a friend, or your kids, or your friends kids (with their permission of course) and go! Enjoy, eat food, and have fun!

See ya’ll later! 

Love List 02.17.2016

These past few weeks have been crazy busy.

1. This lemon inspired work 👆🏻.

2. Eating pancakes at midnight.

3. Not being sick, health is something we seem to take for granted.

4. Celebrating our 5 year engagement anniversary. 

5. Super bowl success! Go Broncos!

6. Playing with my furry love at his first Corgi Meetup.

7. Spending the whole weekend watching Gilmore Girls with my love.

8. Having our family over for the first time since we moved in.

That’s about it. Feeling really good this week.

See ya’ll later!

Hello Etsy! | Hannah’s Catchall Cottage

Our first shop of the series will be my own. Since it’s the first and we have no one else lined up yet I thought I may as well introduce ya’ll to my little shop.


1. Why did you start your shop?

A friend suggested it while I was in college, I was making all these welding projects and had nowhere to place them. But they were perfect to sell! I don’t have many metal items left in the shop, mostly because I don’t have my own welding machine. After I got married I had more time on my hands (new city, no job yet) so I picked up crocheting again. Since then Darling Hubby has barely been able to pull me away from yarn. (He really is the best!) 

2. What has kept you going?

The creativity has kept me going strong. With ideas constantly popping in my head I can barely get them in paper sometimes. Let alone craft them into yarn. It’s great. Until that flow stops completely I’ll keep posting new items and patterns and sharing them with the world.

3. What is your favorite item?

I always love my most recently finished item the most. It’s always fresh and new and shiny. It’s the most promenant in mind and stands out. Currently it’s The Scrappy Granny 

4. What has been your most popular item?

This year it’s been the newly released  Samantha Cowl pattern. Everyone has been favoriting this pattern. I have to admit it’s one of my top favorites too.

 5.  What is your favorite hobby/craft outside of what you do for etsy?

Reading. I go through phases but when it’s strong I gobble up books at a ridculous speed.

6. What is your favorite book?

Always a forever Anne of Green Gables! Please refer to my excessive praising over here: Book of the Moment: Anne of Green Gables | House, Home, and Love


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