Busy bouncy thoughts

What a month October has been!!! From starting a new job and moving it has been hectic!!

As y’all may have notice I have posted in a while. Bit because I had nothing I post about but because I have been so incredibly busy. It seems as though I have not stopped moving until now. And as I sit here catching my breath ideas have been flooding my mind.

Blog ideas, outfit ideas, a cooking series, so many little bits a pieces bouncing around in my mind. What will completely form first I have no clue!!

If any of these intrigue you please comment below! I would love t know which y’all would rather endure.


Life is bittersweet

Well life can be a moody little girl sometimes. I’ve been wanting to do all these amazing posts on organizing my house and doing so systematically but no. Found out several things my grandmother died, my DH lost his job(again), I started a part time job, and we are moving. Soooo, organizing will have to wait.

Good thing is there will be some lovely food posts on what to pack for lunch. Healthy, quick, and tasty!!

And how to pack a house and stay organized!!!

Well till then and apologizes for the delay and constant juggle. But hey that’s life!!

Book of the Moment: Mr. Darcy’s Diary


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Now tell me what typical female doesn’t love the story of Elizabeth and Darcy. And all these females have read and reread Elizabeth’s version over and over again. Well now it’s time to hear Mr. Darcy’s side of the story, how he finds her annoying and provoking, a and slowly falls for those same habits which used to irritate yet now after observation he finds enduring.

I found this book to be adorable, and funny. A lite read if you have a love for Jane Austen.

Similar books:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Mr. Darcy takes a wife by Linda Berdoll

Organizing the house

Well I had mentioned before I wanted to get us more organized. I’m tired of coming home and there being junk everywhere. Every surface covered with stuff that doesn’t belong there. And general messiness.

I have complied a list, of rooms in the order I want to tackle them. Then have assigned myself a time line for each. Now overall I’m guessing it will probably take a year, since I want to tackle the whole house every nook and cranny.

Room List
1. Closet/Clothes – month and a half
2. Bathroom – month
3. Pantry – month and a half
4. Laundry – two weeks
5. “Office” – month and a half
6. Crafts – two weeks
7. Living Room – month
8. Q (our dog and his things) – two weeks
9. Bedroom – two months
10. Jewelry – two weeks
11. Storage room – month

Now some of these will probably combine actual rooms and some are just a category of items. But I figured it would be a good order for me and I could spread them out.

The time frames are just estimates too. Some may take longer depending on what I will need and our budget.

Will keep ya’ll posted!!!

Goals for the new “year”

Now I know this sounds a little strange, probably only a handful will understand this. But I like to start my year in September. It comes from a lot of things have always seem to renew them selves in September for me. Starting with school, then fall comes(which is my favorite time of year), I have a tendency of starting jobs in Sept., and my “volunteer” calendar begins again in Sept.

So anyways a lot of things start in September for me so I always use it as my new year. And I decided to set some goals for me this year that are quite extreme for me.

Hannah’s Goals

1. Wake up earlier
2. Go to bed earlier
Now these are probably going to be the hardest for me because as of right now DH gets home very late from work because he has wonky hours. But I will figure something out….
3. Eat much better.
4. Actually eat breakfast every morning.
5. Read my daily text everyday.
6. Excerise more often(not once every week).
7. Drink only water. Add occasionally tea and maybe a bit of 21 and over.
8. Keep a better journal. And a carry around journal. Or maybe just combine them?
9. Keep up with the cleaning better.
I have no excuse for this because I don’t “work” like a normal person and have plenty of time to do it.
10. Write more letters to people. Not emails or texts. Letters with pen and paper and a stamp.

Now some of these I edited for myself from a beautiful little list on Tumblr. You can find this list under my Etsy/Shop Tumblr Hannah’s Catchall Cottage. If you look in the archives. Under July 16, 2013.

Please share your goals if you have any. Or maybe just something small you want to accomplish before the calendar year is up!

Creative couple

I love how creative me and my husband are. We both have an artistic side that comes out to really surprise us both.

He draws, which is something I didn’t know until after we got married. I think it’s awesome! Mostly though he loves music. He isn’t very good at singing but hearing how an album should be put together is amazing. He used to do that for me. Create albums from songs we love for our month-aversary gifts.

His current endeavor is YouTube. Now he hasn’t actually made any video yet but he i working on his first one and it is amazing. And he only has like a minute of it made.

I myself has delved into quite a few artistic avenues as seen from my Etsy, to my photo hobby, to this blog.

Being such a creative couple has also lead us to be a very cluttered couple. Which leads me to my project for the next year. Other than a set of goals which I set for myself, this year I’m going to tackle our clutter issue and get organized.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to go about this yet but, I will do a post on that soon.

Till then, happy camping!

Fantasy football

I love football!!! And so does my hubby! Which is one of the many reasons we get along so well. 🙂

Well this year for some odd reason none on his guy buddy’s decided to do fantasy football, and both of u really enjoy the friend competitive banter we have when we are doing FF. so I decided to do a mostly girls FF league this year!!! I say mostly because my hubby is not the only hubby to be tortured by our girly antics in FF this year. But I’m sure it will be great fun!!

None of the girls have ever played in a FF league but do know a little about football so that helps. It’s great too cause we are all spread about the country and this is gonna be a great way for us to chitchat more!!

Have you ladies ever taken on anything this crazy and fun for your hubby? Hubby’s would your wife do this for you? Share your stories in the comments!!

Byyyeee!!! 🙂

Book of the moment: If you lived here, I’d know your name: news from small-town Alaska


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This lovely little gem is filled with stories from a small town in Alaska from the POV of the local journalist/obituary writer.

She follows different small tales as she is reminded of them while writing the obituaries for the locals. It goes you a very day to day look into life in Alaska, and views on life and death and how we all are effected.

Similar books:

The letters of Theodore Roosevelt for his sons by Theodore Roosevelt

Book of the Moment: The Summer I Dared


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What an amazing book! This just grabs your from the get go. And takes you on a journey that is a little expected and a little surprise.

Starting off with a tragic boating accident it follows the only survivors and how their lives are changed because of the experience they all share. The reactions of their families and how everyone changes from the events.

I enjoyed this book immensely.

Similar books:

A shop on blossom street by Debbie Macomber