Love List

1. A reflective breakfast of French relaxed style.

2. Some extremely good cups of coffee created by the masters at Indy coffee. 

3. Getting back into the reading groove. (Any recommendations?) 

4. Cold rainy days that seem to make the whole world slow down.

5. Sipping chai tea lattes and catching up with good friends.

6. Laughing histerically at our crazy neighbor across the parking lot.

7. Not turning on either the ac or the heater because the weather is perfect!

8. Starting a new knitting project. Pretty proud of the way it’s looking too.

9. Spooning mouthfuls of ice cream while shivering in a freezing apartment.

10. Digging into some serious yarn organizing. Which basically means I feel like I’ve gone shopping for yarn without actually spending money!!

See ya’ll later! 


Book of the Moment: Star Wars: Heir to the Empire 

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, has been for as long as he an remember. With out a doubt we were going to the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. What I didn’t expect to happen was all these questions I would have after watching it. Questions of what happened in between 6 and 7. More questions than what is answers by the newest movie. 

So at my hubby’s suggestion I started reading some of the Star Wars legacy novels. Now I had heard of these novels growing up, being a fan myself( not as big of a fan as my hubby but, I can hold my own in a debate), and had been interested in them before. So I was egar to dig in.

This is the first of the legacy series I’ve read and it was great! It had the action of the classic trilogy, it started to answer some of my question from the newest movie, and left me wanting more. 

My only complaint is the villain, Grand Admiral Thrwan. He just knows to much, with no explanation why. He guess the correct scenarios even though they are not the most logical. It bothers me, he just knows things to easily, and guesses correctly with no real explanation why. Other then this minor annoyance I’m really enjoying these books. 

I’m currently reading the next in the series, Dark Force Rising and will update ya’ll after.

See ya’ll later!

People Watching

Does anyone else people watch? I wonder sometimes if it’s a bad habit or a form of quite observation, either way I picked up this trait from my mother. And the other day while enjoying an indulgent breakfast of eggs, bacon, sliced tomatoes, a potato g and a flakey butter croissant. I listened in and watched others conversations.

They were interesting, and some unexpected. There was the man who was reading quietly and peacefully by himself until a woman came up to his table. Wife? Girlfriend? Old friend? Recent acquatencte? It was a bit hard to tell. While quite on his own he became increasing loud and angry as their conversation progressed.

There was the couple who was leaving and the man who surprising in this day and age opened the car door. What a gentleman. The girl? Hardly noticed he did so. Reminded me to thank my wonderful husband everyday for the little things.

Then the couple who came and sat down next me and enjoyed a quite homey conversation over coffee and breakfast. They chuckled and smiled and shared bits of info they seemed to have talked over before yet enjoyed discussing with each other non-the-less.

Then the large family who followed obediently in line after a frazzled mother and a bewildered father taking up the tail.

All while others bustled around and enjoyed their breakfast, coffee and croissants. I wonder if anyone was watching me? 

See ya’ll later.

Love List

And in the theme of trying to post more here…. A good old Love List!

1. Quite time spent at home unpacking.

2. A new place for a new year.

3. Good coffee. 

4. Catching little moments to crochet.

5. Cuddles with the pup and running around his new dog park.

6. Selling and throwing out old or unnessarcy things. (Very freeing feeling)

7. Loving the surprise video editing software the hubby got me!

8. Rewatching Anne of Green Gables and Doctor Who a zillion times over the days off.

9. Donuts and reflective moments.

10. A relishing in the joy of the Post-Star Wars glow. Including the reading of Star Wars books. (Nerd Alert!) 

And that’s all folks! See ya’ll later!

Catchall Cottage: Samantha Cowl


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I love the fall. When the mornings get crisp and cool. The breezes seem to linger and air is fresh. When the leaves start to change color and fall into giant jumpable piles. Pumpkin flavored everything fills every store. And boot and scarf weather begins.

Most of my friends tend to agree this is the best time of year. And one of my close friends wanted a new edition to her wardrobe. So she commissoned this beautiful scarf. 

While I was making this scarf I too fell in love. But before I made it I had to find a pattern. I could not find a pattern however. And as I’ve yet to provide a pattern on here, I thought here you go! 
I enjoyed making this scarf so much  and the yarn was dreamy and plush. I used the Micheals Loops and Threads Brand, in the chunky size. 

Samantha Cowl on Ravelry

Samantha Cowl on Etsy
Please leave a comment or tag your photos on Social Media with #SamanthaCowl and/or #CatchallCottage! Can’t wait to see your finished projects! 

See ya’ll later! 

Thoughts on being a housewife

Now just to clarify off the bat, I am no longer a housewife. When I started this blog I was, I loved it! Every minute of every day I loved staying home most of the day cleaning and cooking and keeping the house organized and running smoothly. I hated going back to work, even part time. But what dislike more what I’m about to talk about, other people’s views about me being a housewife.

I hated that people critized me for wanting to stay home and take care of my husband and house. What I want to know is what is wrong with that? Why do you have to have kids to be a stay at home wife? Why is is socially wrong or looked down upon to want to clean and care for your home all day? Do you assume that all I do is lay around and be lazy? No. I don’t. I work hard. I run laundry. I clean dishes. I sort through old items and figure out what needs to be kept, or repaired, or donated. I do volunteer work. I go into my community and help others. Basically I do a lot more than people think. I just keep getting annoyed that even after I went back to work people still critized me for wanting to only work part time. What is that?

Is it because they are jealous that I still have time to spend cleaning and taking care of my home? Is it because I give back to my community? Why do you feel the need to tell me I need to work more when financially I don’t. 

I appreciate those women in the past who stood up for our rights to work outside of the home. I understand that that was a difficult fight to win. I also have great respect for any woman who feels/want to work a full time schedule out side of the home. What I think we need to realize in this fight is there are some who would also like to keep the respect of the original role of womaen. What is wrong with WANTING to stay at home and care for it? Wether you have kids or not. 

I guess I just wanted to get my veins out there.

See ya’ll later.

Happy Monday! 

Hello ya’ll!

How was everyone’s weekend? Great? Good? Average? (We take nothing less than average) mine was pretty decent, with tons of rain and rain and more rain. We had a relaxing weekend inside filled with movie marathons, take out, crocheting, house cleaning (yes I actually enjoyed it) and general lazing about. 

One of the best parts was going through and printing out all my purchases crochet patterns that have been floating from device to device not settling. They now have a tidy little home with all my self drawn crochet patterns. Speaking of I was working on one of those too. Need a few more tweeks and then a new pattern will be up in the shop sometime this week or next so keep an eye out for that!

I also did a little pantry organizing, which was very therapeutic. And then later this week we will be apartment hunting again!! I love my inlaws but, living with them can be very testing most of the time. I think I am just too stubborn.

Now I’m off to enjoy this lovely view in the park!

See ya’ll later!



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Ok so I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers of starting YouTube videos. No I am not sure if this would be something my readers would be interested in. If so please comment. If not let’s just ignore this post and continue on our merry journey of the written word. 

Examples of possible videos:

Crochet tutorials

Yarn hauls(have never seen one and really want this to happen)

House hauls

Maybe….. Simidaily vlogs… Big maybe.

Cooking tutorials


And I guess if this would be something you’d be interested in leave a comment with a suggestion.
See ya’ll later!

Book of the Moment: Anne of Green Gables



Now for the record this has been one of my favorite books since I was about 11-12. If you’ve ever seen the part in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan is going on about how much she loves Pride and Prejudice, that is how I feel about Anne of Green Gables. I love the way she talks and how she has the biggest imagination in the world. Every simple object can be intensified by a new exotic name or different point of view. 

And she has such confidence in her opinion that no matter what she sticks to her guns. At the same time she is willing to expand her knowledge through learning and new experiences. 

It’s one of those great pieces of literature that you can read over and over again and still find something new and beautiful. 

Honestly I could gush forever over this book. Basically I highly recommended it for everyone (including you males).