Let’s Go Shopping: Februaryย 

This month I needed a bright color to brighten up the dreary days that have consumed winter. And honor the rainy month that is February here in Texas. So let me introduce…. Let’s Go Shopping: February!!

See ya’ll later! 


Love List 02.01.2016

Much better week! Finally haven’t been sick or coughing up my lungs!

  1. Chill days at work.
2. Fancy Dress up dinner/ Gala with my hubby. The food was amazing as always.

3. Fun mini road trip with my sister and mom.

4. Home shopping spree at IKEA!

5. Getting excited for Super Bowl this week! 

6. Super cleaning house. Every inch will be sparkling by Sunday!

7. Setting up my new bed frame and bedding!

8. Getting a fabulous surprise from my buddy Sam. She is the best!

9. Having a girly after noon watching Sense and Sensabilty at Alamo Drafthouse. While drinking tea and munching on delicious yummies!

10. Enjoying a quite Sunday evening of snuggling with my new duvet cover and down pillow while watching Sacconejolys and Arrow.

How was your week?

See ya’ll later! 

Hello Etsy!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! I am going to start a new series for the blog, Hello Etsy! This will be a monthly feature where we look at a shop and get a few details from behind the scenes plus find out a little more and about why they started selling on Etsy. 

If you would like to be featured please contact me at hannahsmetalironwork@yahoo.com.

This first post (and probably the first few) will be selected from my favorite shops. This will be part of the #FridayFeatures! As you will see in the coming months I have quite a few plans for this here little corner of the Internet. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

See ya’ll later! 

Book of the Moment: Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’ Easterย 

This was a great light read for anyone who loves a good culture clash. Quick paced, with cute characters. The story was a simple tale, but it had a few unexpected turns.

I would recommend this book for travel or just a weekend read. Something you can easily put down and pick back up again.

This is also the first of a trilogy. The other two reviews will be coming very soon!

See ya’ll later!

Love List 01.25.2016

More sick bed this week…

1. Sleeping…

2. More sleeping…

3. Homemade soup. Broth, broth and more broth.

4. Started drafting a new pattern since I’ve spent so much time laying around.

5. Netflix marathons of cheesy old westerns.

6. Gallons of hot tea!

7. Having hubby cuddle with me for hours because he knows it makes me feel better.

8. I finished my first set of knitted socks.

That’s about it…

See ya’ll later!

Love List

So this week had been kinda crummy and full of me being under the weather. So instead of trying to reach ten I’m just gonna see how many lovely things I can come up with.
1. Laying in bed all day reading.

2. Enjoying a hot cup of chicken noodle soup.

3. Seeing my family at my cousins wedding (amazing dress btw!) 

4. Spending all day Saturday with my hubby, he usually works Saturday’s so this was really a treat. 

5. Shopping for wedding gifts and treating myself to a few things too.

6. My Lush order arriving! 

7. Indulging in bubble baths all week long.

8. Scrumptious crab cake hor’derves that were warm and spicy and I wanted to steal a whole tray of them! 

9. Slow dancing with the hubby in our living room cause we realized we left before the dancing even started! (How old are we again? 80? No wait were in our 20’s….)

10. Getting my new desk calendar in. It’s a beauty! 

11. Been craving classic Mexican Coke-Cola in the glass bottle, not sure but enjoying them while I do.

Wow! I made to 11!

See ya’ll later!

Book of the Moment: Paris to Die for

I throughly enjoyed reading this book. It was a medium read. More thought then I expected yet, light enough to move quickly and follow the twists and turns. 

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about Jackie O other than a few made for tv docu-movies. And I’m sure those are filled with some fictions moments as well. 

I’d say this would be a great book to read while traveling. As it’s easy to stop and pick up again. And it moves quick, so time seems to fly by. 

Please leave any and all book suggestions below. 

See ya’ll later! 

Love List

1. A reflective breakfast of French relaxed style.

2. Some extremely good cups of coffee created by the masters at Indy coffee. 

3. Getting back into the reading groove. (Any recommendations?) 

4. Cold rainy days that seem to make the whole world slow down.

5. Sipping chai tea lattes and catching up with good friends.

6. Laughing histerically at our crazy neighbor across the parking lot.

7. Not turning on either the ac or the heater because the weather is perfect!

8. Starting a new knitting project. Pretty proud of the way it’s looking too.

9. Spooning mouthfuls of ice cream while shivering in a freezing apartment.

10. Digging into some serious yarn organizing. Which basically means I feel like I’ve gone shopping for yarn without actually spending money!!

See ya’ll later! 

Book of the Moment: Star Wars: Heir to the Empireย 

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, has been for as long as he an remember. With out a doubt we were going to the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. What I didn’t expect to happen was all these questions I would have after watching it. Questions of what happened in between 6 and 7. More questions than what is answers by the newest movie. 

So at my hubby’s suggestion I started reading some of the Star Wars legacy novels. Now I had heard of these novels growing up, being a fan myself( not as big of a fan as my hubby but, I can hold my own in a debate), and had been interested in them before. So I was egar to dig in.

This is the first of the legacy series I’ve read and it was great! It had the action of the classic trilogy, it started to answer some of my question from the newest movie, and left me wanting more. 

My only complaint is the villain, Grand Admiral Thrwan. He just knows to much, with no explanation why. He guess the correct scenarios even though they are not the most logical. It bothers me, he just knows things to easily, and guesses correctly with no real explanation why. Other then this minor annoyance I’m really enjoying these books. 

I’m currently reading the next in the series, Dark Force Rising and will update ya’ll after.

See ya’ll later!