Gluten Free – Irish Roast Beef Dinner


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As some of you who have been around here for awhile have noticed my Darling Hubby has a tendency to change his eating habits. Let’s see we went through the vegetarian phase, the vegan trauma ( to myself only, no animals or animal products were harmed during the vegan trauma.), the normal for awhile phase. And now w have come full circle to the previously undocumented Gluten Free Phase. Now hopefully in all honesty I hope this phase sticks for a very long time. Mostly because Darling Hubby has Celiac, which means we really should have been eating Gluten Free this whole time.


Irish Roast Beef Dinner


1 4-6 lbs. Beef roast

2-3 Medium Carrots or 1 small bag of baby carrots

1 Leek

1/2 a head of Garlic

New Potatoes

1/3 cup of gluten free all purpose flour


Cover the roast beef in a thin layer of flour, then sear each side in a skillet. Chuck a few cloves of garlic in the bottom of the crockpot along with some slivers of leek.



Place roast in the crock pot and cover with remaining leek slices and cloves. Chop carrots into bite sized pieces or dump the bag of baby carrots in. Cook on high for 2 hours or medium/low for 4.

Chop potatoes into quarters then add. Cook another 2-4 hours depending on temperature.

Serve with a generous slice of bread or several rolls.

Happy munching! (Sadly I do not have a finished photo of this lovely dinner, we got a bit to excited about actually eating it to remember to photograph. but as a review from our happy tummy’s it was delicious!)


See ya’ll later!


Love list


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1. Listening to you ain’t alone by Alabama shakes.

2. Witnessing the proposal of some of my favorite people! Truly romantic!

3. Enjoying the 48 degree morning.

4. Seeing the trees finally change colors.

5. Making my first pattern sale and to Great Britain no less!!

6. Spending an awful lot at Lush and not regretting one dollar!

7. Enjoying the early morning chill! I absolutely love fall and the cold and everything to do with it. I just hate that I live in a place that has about three months of fall/winter and 9 months of hot sticky gross summers…

8. Enjoying more than the usual amount of Starbucks.

9. Pulling all my yummy sweaters out of storage and hanging them up side by side.

10. Realizing I need new boots… But when am I going to have time to shop for them with all this wonderful indoor crochet plans I have? Oh the issues of the modern wife!

See y’all later!

Big Moment!!


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For a few months now i have been working on probably the biggest project that will go to someone else. I was making a baby blanket of my own design. Which for me is not something new, what was new was that people wanted to buy the pattern. So i sat at the computer for very long amounts of time.

Saying things like “yeah i got it!” “What just happened! No! NO!!” “Yay it saved!” Etc etc… You get the picture. And now it is finally finished and completed And magically saved with a zillion watermarks and copyrights and as a PDF. And amazingly up for sale with a lot of interest!

I am so proud of myself and very excited to see where this goes. Cant wait for my first pattern sale!

See ya’ll later!

Love list



My these weeks seem to be flying by! I still can’t believe that its 2014 and autumn at that! It really is the small things that matter though…

1. Waking up early and its freezing in the the room but, being able to snuggle up to my heater of a husband and warm up again.

2. Getting completely addicted to the game Catan! And now anxiously awaiting next weekend to play more.

3. Find a delicious gluten free brownie mix that is to die for!

4. Finally being able to do inventory on all my items for my shop, and feeling very accomplished afterward.

5. The sky every morning has been full of amazing reds, pinks, peaches, and oranges. Breathtaking.

6. Getting uncontrollable giggles after falling off the bed while changing sheets, and having darling hubby come in and see me on the floor giggling and just walk away. Which of course made me giggle more.

7. Missing my flowers on the beside but knowing there will be very dark mums coming soon.

8. Getting my first fan of my shop. Very exciting.

9. Thinking of lemon pillows.

10. Figuring out how to use PDF.

See y’all later!

Love List


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I have not done one of these in what seems forever. I truly miss doing them but when you have a major change in life sometimes it’s not always good and it’s difficult to see the happy good things that happen everyday. This list will be a catchup of the months I missed and hopefully we can continue this regularly again.

1. Buying my hubby flowers to thank him. And even though it was a bit of an inside joke, I truly do love everything he does for us everyday.

2. Being able to feel that first hint of a cool chill in the breeze a few weeks back.

3. Starting to see those dark jewel tones and deep earth colors pop back into shops. Autumn is coming!

4. Having a girly shopping trip with one of my best buds.

5. Discovering the beginnings of the delicious Italian butter soup!

6. Exploring the Pearl with my darling hubby.

7. Having a blast drafting for fantasy football!!

8. Enjoying the time I’ve spent working on a baby blanket for a friend.

9. Going to my first knitting group, even though I was crocheting I truly enjoyed it!!

10. Getting laundry done! I know many a wife and mother will understand how accomplished you feel when you have got all the laundry done and all the clothes out away. Best. Feeling. Ever!

Hope y’all enjoyed this comeback of a classic!

See y’all later!

Am I the only one?


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Just thought is get in here and see if I was the only one…. Do you ever feel like if you met them in real life certain bloggers could be like real good friends with you?

I maybe the only person who feels this way I probably sound a bit stalkerish… But I have this handful of bloggers that I love to read over and over again because I feel like we are friends… We just have a wierd one sided friendship…

These lovely ladies have helped me with beauty questions and shared stories of motherhood. They have taken me on morning walks with them and baked delicious goodies. They have made me laugh, cry, and feel a sense of calm.

The wonderful bunch consists of Cider With Rosie, Sprinkle of Glitter and, Zoella.

I have never met these wonderful women but they have filled my house, with laughter, scents of yummy delight, and warm fuzzys.

Thank you ladies!

Italian Butter Soup


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This soup was made from those goodies that are left in the fridge at the end of the week but turned out amazing!! And of course I had to share!

Italian Butter Soup

2 cans of beef broth
1 lbs of turkey
2-3 carrots, chopped
4-5 mushrooms, sliced
1-2 tablespoons of EVOO
A handful of spinach

Pour all of the beef broth into a medium pot. Add the chopped carrots and set to medium high heat while you cook the meatballs.

Mix together the turkey, and spices. Form into meatballs and cook on medium in a pan with the EVOO.

Set meatballs aside, and cook the mushrooms until browned. Add meatballs, mushrooms, and spinach to the beef broth. And cook for an additional 5-8 minutes.


See y’all later!

Sinful Chocolate Trifle


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DSCN1759This little gem came to me literally just from the request of Darling Hubby saying he wanted a trifle and me going what’s a trifle? Then proceeding to search Pinterest for trifles (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!) and proceeding to become inspired with sugary dreams.

FYI when I served this to my father-in-law he had a totally different name for it: Chocolate O, you adults will know what that is.

So here is my Chocolatey loveliness.

Sinful Chocolate Trifle

A box/bag of Oreos
1-2 boxes of chocolate pudding depending on size of serving bowl
Cool whip
Cherry pie filling
Maraschino cherries
Chocolate syrup

First line the bottom of the bowl with Oreos.
The mix and pour about an inch to 2 inches of pudding, again the amount depends on the size of the bowl. You want enough to cover the Oreos but not fill the bowl, leave room for the rest of ingredients.
Next pour cherry pie filling over pudding. Crush/crumble Oreos over cherry filling. Drizzle chocolate syrup, gentle over Oreos.
Cover with cool whip. Be sure to not mix with the cherry filling or Oreos so that the top is nice and clean.
Decorate with maraschino cherries and if you’d like chocolate shavings would be wonderful! Drizzle more chocolate syrup, artfully ;)!
Place in gradient for at least 30-60 minutes then serve!

This will keep in the fridge for about a week covered. If it makes it that long!

DSCN1757 DSCN1758


See y’all later!

Castroville tour: Dzuik’s Meat Market


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First off let me say I grew up around Castroville, Texas. This is where I went to school 1-12th. I had my first crush here. My first job. I learned to drive here. Basically this is my hometown. So when I had a chance to visit while watching my parents place I thought yes I want to show my favorite places to eat and visit. Of course I couldn’t visit all my spots, I am on a budget after all. But we did get to go by my favorites!!!

First off Dzuik’s, and yes that is how you spell it. This place is like a meat lovers heaven!! Venison, beef, pork, chicken, and so much suasage!!! I love their beef jerky mostly because it is really authentic jerky. Not this plasticky super moist weird aftertaste stuff you get in the city. But really tough peppered full of flavor dried jerky. This is the kind of jerky you make at home. The kind you can only get in small towns (and Buccee’s). The kind that had a recipe that’s been passed down through generations of the same family. That’s been perfected year after year until it needs no more tweaking. The best kind of beef jerky.

They recently expanded the store and wow!! It looks amazing. So nice and organized. They definitely needed the extra space. And it suits them well. If you ever drive through this is a must stop. Especially if your on a road trip, jerky is a great road trip snack.










See y’all later!!