What to bring to a craft fair

Now before I ever even applied to my first craft fair I did a ton if research. Most of it was what do I bring. Sometimes we crafty people can’t seem to think of everything, but we do help each other out by giving tips and lists! So here is mine. Some maybe obvious, and some may not apply to your product but, you may get ideas for other things you need to bring. So here it is:

1. Inventory (kinda obvious but still)
2. Booth supplies. This can include many things. For me it’s
White Tables clothes,
Drying rack,
Earring stand,
And baskets.

Now just as a note. The color of the table clothes is entirely up to you. I prefer white because I feel like it shows of my items better being that they are a variety of colors but its is light and airy feeling too. Some prefer black, which I think works really well if you have jewelry or some other sort of shiny material. Just use what works best with the majority of your items!

3. Business supplies. Including…
4. Business cards
5. Change
6. Card reader or machine (I use square, but I’ve heard PayPal is good too)
7. Pens
8. Markers
9. Paper
10. Tape
11. Counterfeit pen
12. Extra whatever ( I bring extra yarn or safety pens, and bobby pins for my hair pins)
13. Tags
14. String
15. Mirror
16. Tent(if you need one)

Personal items
Because you need to remember not only are your items going to be there all day but so are you.
17. Advil
18. Lunch
19. Tons of water. Ill drink coffee the morning of but during only water, it doesn’t dry out your mouth(you’ll be talking to customers), and lets face it we all need more water.
20. Chair.
21. Assistant, this time it will be my mom, but a friend would work or even a spouse if they are available. My DH has to work so boo :(.
22. Snack. Something not messy.
23. Extra clothes. I don’t have messy items usually but, sometimes set up can be messy if your lugging and lifting. Plus I live in Texas and it gets hot! So I bring extra clothes incase I sweat through my shirt and I can still look nice all day!

24. Lint brush, for me and my items.
25. Boxes to haul everything in
26. Signage. Now I just use little signs all over the booth, but someday i want all my signs to be chalkboard.
27. Care instruction cards
28. Coupons for next time or your website if you have one.
29. Work you can be doing while you are between rushes.
30. Order forms
31. Gift supplies.
Like bags and tissue paper it makes your customers feel good!
32. And a smile!

Remover you here to sell and have fun! If your not having fun then you probably won’t sell as much, people like happy artists!

So that’s my two cents on this subject. I you see anything you want to add please comment below! Help each other out! We are a small community of crafters and artists but, if we stick together it seems larger!


SoFlo Sneak peek

So I’m not sure how many of you are from Texas. But I still wanted to share some sneak peeks of what will be at the market THIS Saturday! I’m getting really nervous now and the butterfly’s are almost a full on flock of seagulls!








So if you do live in Texas near the great city of San Antonio, then please come by SoFlo Market Saturday August 10, 2013. 10-4. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s still great to look and admire the work of local talent!

Soflo Market

I thought I would share the beautiful flyer that I was given, for the craft fair I will be attending.


I will be doing a post on what I bring to craft fairs(this is my first real one, but I have done two smaller, private fairs before). And how the fair went of course! So lookout!!

First real craft fair!!

So here is a giant announcement for me…. (Drumroll) I’m going to be doing my very first real craft fair!! Haha I guess I kinda gave that away with the title but it is very exciting! It will be held at the SoFlo Market at 1344 S. Flores st in San Antonio Texas!

If any of my small number of readers lives in or near Sa. Please come out and check it out. It is a great venue and has such a wide variety of artists and crafters! On August 10! That’s important to know right. From 10-6. Hopefully it won’t be blazing hot outside like it has been lately.

I can’t wait and am so nervous by this exciting opportunity. It’s kinda like a dream!

Luv y’all!

Oh! Ill be the one with all the crochets items! Check out my Etsy shop for a sneak peek!

First memories

I was reading a Miss Moss article about you first memories crafting. So of course this got me thinking, some of the comment were about glue.

Now when I first read the title and theme I thought cross stitch, but the glue comment triggered memories of me sitting in my grandparents dining room, with construction paper spread all over the table and me cutting away at shapes and drawings and this giant(I thought it was giant) jar of glue, with a twist off top and a brush attached to the lid. The brush would spread these globs of glue all over the papers I wanted to attach.

Then later I would have this little mug of water that I would dip my brush in and paint with water my special coloring books. Did anyone else have those? Where you painted the water and the page would change color? I loved those! I had Pocahontas and Toy Story and Disney princesses.

I guess sometime after that is when I learned cross stitch. It’s amazing thigh what can trigger a memory so vivid even though you may not have thought of it in years!

So to continue the question, what is your earliest craft memory? Please comment I would love to know!

Anniversary Week!! 2 Years!!


We had our anniversary and of course were so excited we somehow managed to turn it into a two week celebration! First it started with us opening our presents, DH got me 5 present!! I don’t say this to brag, honestly, i was just so shocked and excited that it was very impressive. Of course not all of these gifts were over the top or crazy expensive, but the all meant something to me.

One was a goofy set of magnets, another a candle in one of my favorite scents, one was a dvd set of some 80’s movies i love. These were very simple inexpensive gifts that showed how well he knew me and how much he cared. the other two were even more meaningful, one was a camera, which i had been hinting at for forever!! see my old camera that i had bought myself back in high school was awesome, just a simple point ans shoot that had amazing results. Unfortunately it broke, and was way past the warranty, so he got me a new one, which was kinda more expensive than i would have expected but still very thoughtful, and something ill use and cherish. 

The last gift was even more meaningful, it made me cry. He put together this beautiful collage, of cd covers, and little sayings that just kinda summed up us. it was simple, super inexpensive but, by far the most romantic gift of the year. Now everyone who comes over to our house will have to suffer the gooey mess i will become when i show of this awesome gift! 

So since i recieved so many gifts we spread them out and opened one a night until the big day, then we both opened our last gifts, and the cards! I loved his card super adorable, and goofy. Like us! 

That night he brought home a steak dinner even though he has been faithfully sticking to his diet. and we gorged!! Which was wonderful. and slept in late the next day. We took our adorable fur baby to the dog park, and just enjoyed the day together. Day after that we spent with his family, which was nice because we hadn’t really gotten a chance to spend time with them since his brother and sister in law moved. So we just chatted and caught up on everything that is going on. 


All in all, it was a wonderful week, and we are still madly in love!! Which is awesome and amazing. I still have the best husband i could ever ask for and  who would want any more than that… 🙂

Book of the Moment: A Bloom in Winter


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A Bloom in Winter by T.J. Brown

Second, in the Somerset Abbey trilogy, this novel is about the three sisters, who have recently lost their father and what they go through becoming young women without him there. One the girls has recently found out her true origins(First book), and is now married. Another is discovering her love of flying and the man who is teaching her. The third is seeking her dreams as a botanist, but discovers another more fulfilling goal, during the process. 


The first book was definitely good. and they seem like your average, historical romance. This second book kept me on edge though!! There was real drama that i never saw coming, even when it was super close, i still never expected things to get as intense and emotional as they did. I can not wait till august for the third book!!!

Similar book:

Somerset Abbey by T.J. Brown

The Slightly Series (a.k.a. Bedwyn Saga) by Mary Balogh


She and Him

I have recently discovered, the artist She and Him. I love them! They are soft yet zazzy (is that even a word?) And are very lovely and mellow. Which  like, perfect for chilling around the house, or a girls night in, or a nice pamper evening. Just thought id share my new discovery!

Here are some of thier album covers.



They really are quite nice.

Book of the Moment: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation


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This is the first of a series of books I read when I was in high school. I loved them because I have always loved history and what girl doesn’t like a bit of romance thrown in to spice up the boring moments?

They are two story’s in one, the first is a modern girl doing research on several of the spies that assisted in the British during the french revolution and Napoleons era. while doing research she meets a very rude character who she continues to encounter through out the series. The second story is of a young lady during the time period of the spies who is very interested in joining the league and assisting in taking down the rebels, and bringing back the french monarchy. 

These books are an easy read, fun but not much to keep track of that wont be filled in completely at the end. There are a few steamy scenes but nothing, R rated, more PG-13, with maybe one or two skipped paragraphs if you so choose. (I wont judge you if you do skip, to each his own) Still i have always enjoyed reading them and will reread them many more times i’m sure.


Similar books: 

All the accompanying Pink carnation series by Lauren Willig

The Scarlet pimpernel by Baroness Orczy


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