As you may have noticed I decided to start adding dates to my love list posts. Just to make them more unique.

1. Finishing this guy! And still working on writing out the pattern but very close.

2. Falling in love with my husband everyday. I can’t help it, he is amazing!

3. Having a bad day, I called my hubby and the first thing he said after I spilled my guts in a sobbing mess was, “Sweetie, go buy yourself some yarn. And watch Anne of green gables. ” I love that man!

4. Hanging out with some good friends, eating, chatting, and laughing into the night.

5. Making this beautiful pie per mamas recipe. And getting tons of compliments! (Thanks Mama!) 

6. Watching the birds on my porch.

7. Starting to plan my plantings for the Spring. Has anyone tried hanging cherry tomatoes?

8. Loved this article!

9. Pretty proud of myself I made my step goal for one day! Over 11,000 steps.

10. Just enjoying life, the ups, downs and wiggles inbetween.

See ya’ll later!