It’s rodeo time here in SA! And that means, cowboy boots, big hair and yummy carnival food!

I always have to start my rodeo day with a funnel cake! It’s classic and delicious. I suggest sharing with a friend unless you are feeling particularly ravenous.

Next just explore. We walked around the grounds a few times going through the shopping center, watching the livestock, (totally had high school FFA flashbacks), and then a few of the tour tents.


Here were a few of the animals in the Texas wildlife tent. Our favorite was the prairie dog, he looked like he was in jail.

We spent a ton of time with the livestock shows (sheep, goats, cattle) because that’s what I showed in high school. Well I showed goats but, I loved hanging out with the cow kids. The cows are so sweet and fluffy and most of them are just gentle giants. It’s wonderful!

We also discovered the Lego tent. Which quite frankly I’ve never seen before at the rodeo so this was a new experiance for both of us.

Overall a great experiance. I do think the shops were lacking a bit but, that can’t really be helped when they added more room for the animals. Go! Take a friend, or your kids, or your friends kids (with their permission of course) and go! Enjoy, eat food, and have fun!

See ya’ll later!