Much better week! Finally haven’t been sick or coughing up my lungs!

  1. Chill days at work.
2. Fancy Dress up dinner/ Gala with my hubby. The food was amazing as always.

3. Fun mini road trip with my sister and mom.

4. Home shopping spree at IKEA!

5. Getting excited for Super Bowl this week! 

6. Super cleaning house. Every inch will be sparkling by Sunday!

7. Setting up my new bed frame and bedding!

8. Getting a fabulous surprise from my buddy Sam. She is the best!

9. Having a girly after noon watching Sense and Sensabilty at Alamo Drafthouse. While drinking tea and munching on delicious yummies!

10. Enjoying a quite Sunday evening of snuggling with my new duvet cover and down pillow while watching Sacconejolys and Arrow.

How was your week?

See ya’ll later!