So this week had been kinda crummy and full of me being under the weather. So instead of trying to reach ten I’m just gonna see how many lovely things I can come up with.
1. Laying in bed all day reading.

2. Enjoying a hot cup of chicken noodle soup.

3. Seeing my family at my cousins wedding (amazing dress btw!) 

4. Spending all day Saturday with my hubby, he usually works Saturday’s so this was really a treat. 

5. Shopping for wedding gifts and treating myself to a few things too.

6. My Lush order arriving! 

7. Indulging in bubble baths all week long.

8. Scrumptious crab cake hor’derves that were warm and spicy and I wanted to steal a whole tray of them! 

9. Slow dancing with the hubby in our living room cause we realized we left before the dancing even started! (How old are we again? 80? No wait were in our 20’s….)

10. Getting my new desk calendar in. It’s a beauty! 

11. Been craving classic Mexican Coke-Cola in the glass bottle, not sure but enjoying them while I do.

Wow! I made to 11!

See ya’ll later!