My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, has been for as long as he an remember. With out a doubt we were going to the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. What I didn’t expect to happen was all these questions I would have after watching it. Questions of what happened in between 6 and 7. More questions than what is answers by the newest movie. 

So at my hubby’s suggestion I started reading some of the Star Wars legacy novels. Now I had heard of these novels growing up, being a fan myself( not as big of a fan as my hubby but, I can hold my own in a debate), and had been interested in them before. So I was egar to dig in.

This is the first of the legacy series I’ve read and it was great! It had the action of the classic trilogy, it started to answer some of my question from the newest movie, and left me wanting more. 

My only complaint is the villain, Grand Admiral Thrwan. He just knows to much, with no explanation why. He guess the correct scenarios even though they are not the most logical. It bothers me, he just knows things to easily, and guesses correctly with no real explanation why. Other then this minor annoyance I’m really enjoying these books. 

I’m currently reading the next in the series, Dark Force Rising and will update ya’ll after.

See ya’ll later!