Does anyone else people watch? I wonder sometimes if it’s a bad habit or a form of quite observation, either way I picked up this trait from my mother. And the other day while enjoying an indulgent breakfast of eggs, bacon, sliced tomatoes, a potato g and a flakey butter croissant. I listened in and watched others conversations.

They were interesting, and some unexpected. There was the man who was reading quietly and peacefully by himself until a woman came up to his table. Wife? Girlfriend? Old friend? Recent acquatencte? It was a bit hard to tell. While quite on his own he became increasing loud and angry as their conversation progressed.

There was the couple who was leaving and the man who surprising in this day and age opened the car door. What a gentleman. The girl? Hardly noticed he did so. Reminded me to thank my wonderful husband everyday for the little things.

Then the couple who came and sat down next me and enjoyed a quite homey conversation over coffee and breakfast. They chuckled and smiled and shared bits of info they seemed to have talked over before yet enjoyed discussing with each other non-the-less.

Then the large family who followed obediently in line after a frazzled mother and a bewildered father taking up the tail.

All while others bustled around and enjoyed their breakfast, coffee and croissants. I wonder if anyone was watching me? 

See ya’ll later.