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I love the fall. When the mornings get crisp and cool. The breezes seem to linger and air is fresh. When the leaves start to change color and fall into giant jumpable piles. Pumpkin flavored everything fills every store. And boot and scarf weather begins.

Most of my friends tend to agree this is the best time of year. And one of my close friends wanted a new edition to her wardrobe. So she commissoned this beautiful scarf. 

While I was making this scarf I too fell in love. But before I made it I had to find a pattern. I could not find a pattern however. And as I’ve yet to provide a pattern on here, I thought here you go! 
I enjoyed making this scarf so much  and the yarn was dreamy and plush. I used the Micheals Loops and Threads Brand, in the chunky size. 

Samantha Cowl on Ravelry

Samantha Cowl on Etsy
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See ya’ll later!