Now just to clarify off the bat, I am no longer a housewife. When I started this blog I was, I loved it! Every minute of every day I loved staying home most of the day cleaning and cooking and keeping the house organized and running smoothly. I hated going back to work, even part time. But what dislike more what I’m about to talk about, other people’s views about me being a housewife.

I hated that people critized me for wanting to stay home and take care of my husband and house. What I want to know is what is wrong with that? Why do you have to have kids to be a stay at home wife? Why is is socially wrong or looked down upon to want to clean and care for your home all day? Do you assume that all I do is lay around and be lazy? No. I don’t. I work hard. I run laundry. I clean dishes. I sort through old items and figure out what needs to be kept, or repaired, or donated. I do volunteer work. I go into my community and help others. Basically I do a lot more than people think. I just keep getting annoyed that even after I went back to work people still critized me for wanting to only work part time. What is that?

Is it because they are jealous that I still have time to spend cleaning and taking care of my home? Is it because I give back to my community? Why do you feel the need to tell me I need to work more when financially I don’t. 

I appreciate those women in the past who stood up for our rights to work outside of the home. I understand that that was a difficult fight to win. I also have great respect for any woman who feels/want to work a full time schedule out side of the home. What I think we need to realize in this fight is there are some who would also like to keep the respect of the original role of womaen. What is wrong with WANTING to stay at home and care for it? Wether you have kids or not. 

I guess I just wanted to get my veins out there.

See ya’ll later.