Hello ya’ll!

How was everyone’s weekend? Great? Good? Average? (We take nothing less than average) mine was pretty decent, with tons of rain and rain and more rain. We had a relaxing weekend inside filled with movie marathons, take out, crocheting, house cleaning (yes I actually enjoyed it) and general lazing about. 

One of the best parts was going through and printing out all my purchases crochet patterns that have been floating from device to device not settling. They now have a tidy little home with all my self drawn crochet patterns. Speaking of I was working on one of those too. Need a few more tweeks and then a new pattern will be up in the shop sometime this week or next so keep an eye out for that!

I also did a little pantry organizing, which was very therapeutic. And then later this week we will be apartment hunting again!! I love my inlaws but, living with them can be very testing most of the time. I think I am just too stubborn.

Now I’m off to enjoy this lovely view in the park!

See ya’ll later!