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So as I promised all your crafty people there would be a post all about you. More specifically the crochet minded people. 

Now I say crochet minded because the really doesn’t apply to people who already know how to crochet. Basically, I’ve had the idea of wanting to start giving crochet lessons in my area. That being San Antonio, Texas. So any not from this area I do apologize, as much as I’m sure I would love whatever city you may be in this is where I live so this is where it makes sense to give said lessons. 

No I’ve bounced around ideas of what the first lesson would be a I’ve decided on a simple yet very useful (cause that’s how I like things) granny square blanket. 

     This was the first thing I ever learned to crochet and it was a great starting point. I still believe it would be a great starting point for any beginner as it teaches, the basic stitches, is simple, but has endless possibilities for creativity!

Please let me know if you would interested in the first class. I do want to keep the class small and low key.

See ya’ll later!