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My oh my, it has been ages since I last wrote a post. I have missed it but it was starting to become very hectic around here. Well let me dig into what has been going on.


First, me and the Hubby were both in that wedding I mentioned. Everything went beautifully! The food was amazing, the Rice Krispies were delightful and the music was exciting. I ended up doing the brides hair (scheduling disaster), and the flowers and be the Matron of Honor. So much crammed into a day!





Since then we have been trying to catch our breathes and not doing a very good job of it. Hubby found a new job which is very exciting! But it also means we had to get a new car ( yes, I say had because we thought of all the scheduling possibilities and none of them worked). I’m very proud of us for going almost four years sharing a car. But I am also excited because it means I get a car all to myself! Can you say circle monogram decal?!





Plus, I have been organizing a surprise anniversary party for my parents! 35 years and somehow we kids have never thrown them a party! But this will be a large jolly bash I’m sure. Filled with daisies and mason jars and photos through the years.





Many more things will be coming soon so keep an eye out here. Also for all you crochet/yarn minded people look out for a post coming soon directed right at you!


See ya’ll later!