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For some reason I feel like every week I either have very high, highs or very low, lows. No nice middle of the road weeks with a good mix of both. but that is one of the reasons I do this post, and try to write it frequently, is to remind myself of the highs even if the high was eating a bar of chocolate it was still a high right?


1. Getting started on a weekly workout routine with one of my friends. We spent half the time giggling at each other, because we looked so silly trying to do ballet in my living room.

2. Going grocery shopping with my hubby. I truly enjoy those trips we take together.

3. Walking into every store and having my noise filled with the glorious scent of cinnamon. Heaven!!

4. Listening to Girl Online and absolutely loving it!

5. Actually sticking to healthy eating and looking pretty decent because of it.

6. Having dreams of visiting New York next fall. Not plans, just dreams.

7. So proud of myself for baking my first gluten-free cake and it came out amazing!

8. Almost to 100 twitter followers! Still can’t believe it, I will definitely do a giveaway once I do.

9. Getting to crunch through the acorns while walking down the side-walk.

10. Seeing video of friends playing in the snow in New York. It maybe more snow then they are used to but, they are finding the fun in it!

Bonus! Listening to Disney Love songs while typing this up. they really are some of my favorite love songs.


See ya’ll later!