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1. Listening to you ain’t alone by Alabama shakes.

2. Witnessing the proposal of some of my favorite people! Truly romantic!

3. Enjoying the 48 degree morning.

4. Seeing the trees finally change colors.

5. Making my first pattern sale and to Great Britain no less!!

6. Spending an awful lot at Lush and not regretting one dollar!

7. Enjoying the early morning chill! I absolutely love fall and the cold and everything to do with it. I just hate that I live in a place that has about three months of fall/winter and 9 months of hot sticky gross summers…

8. Enjoying more than the usual amount of Starbucks.

9. Pulling all my yummy sweaters out of storage and hanging them up side by side.

10. Realizing I need new boots… But when am I going to have time to shop for them with all this wonderful indoor crochet plans I have? Oh the issues of the modern wife!

See y’all later!