My these weeks seem to be flying by! I still can’t believe that its 2014 and autumn at that! It really is the small things that matter though…

1. Waking up early and its freezing in the the room but, being able to snuggle up to my heater of a husband and warm up again.

2. Getting completely addicted to the game Catan! And now anxiously awaiting next weekend to play more.

3. Find a delicious gluten free brownie mix that is to die for!

4. Finally being able to do inventory on all my items for my shop, and feeling very accomplished afterward.

5. The sky every morning has been full of amazing reds, pinks, peaches, and oranges. Breathtaking.

6. Getting uncontrollable giggles after falling off the bed while changing sheets, and having darling hubby come in and see me on the floor giggling and just walk away. Which of course made me giggle more.

7. Missing my flowers on the beside but knowing there will be very dark mums coming soon.

8. Getting my first fan of my shop. Very exciting.

9. Thinking of lemon pillows.

10. Figuring out how to use PDF.

See y’all later!