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I have not done one of these in what seems forever. I truly miss doing them but when you have a major change in life sometimes it’s not always good and it’s difficult to see the happy good things that happen everyday. This list will be a catchup of the months I missed and hopefully we can continue this regularly again.

1. Buying my hubby flowers to thank him. And even though it was a bit of an inside joke, I truly do love everything he does for us everyday.

2. Being able to feel that first hint of a cool chill in the breeze a few weeks back.

3. Starting to see those dark jewel tones and deep earth colors pop back into shops. Autumn is coming!

4. Having a girly shopping trip with one of my best buds.

5. Discovering the beginnings of the delicious Italian butter soup!

6. Exploring the Pearl with my darling hubby.

7. Having a blast drafting for fantasy football!!

8. Enjoying the time I’ve spent working on a baby blanket for a friend.

9. Going to my first knitting group, even though I was crocheting I truly enjoyed it!!

10. Getting laundry done! I know many a wife and mother will understand how accomplished you feel when you have got all the laundry done and all the clothes out away. Best. Feeling. Ever!

Hope y’all enjoyed this comeback of a classic!

See y’all later!