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Just thought is get in here and see if I was the only one…. Do you ever feel like if you met them in real life certain bloggers could be like real good friends with you?

I maybe the only person who feels this way I probably sound a bit stalkerish… But I have this handful of bloggers that I love to read over and over again because I feel like we are friends… We just have a wierd one sided friendship…

These lovely ladies have helped me with beauty questions and shared stories of motherhood. They have taken me on morning walks with them and baked delicious goodies. They have made me laugh, cry, and feel a sense of calm.

The wonderful bunch consists of Cider With Rosie, Sprinkle of Glitter and, Zoella.

I have never met these wonderful women but they have filled my house, with laughter, scents of yummy delight, and warm fuzzys.

Thank you ladies!