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First off let me say I grew up around Castroville, Texas. This is where I went to school 1-12th. I had my first crush here. My first job. I learned to drive here. Basically this is my hometown. So when I had a chance to visit while watching my parents place I thought yes I want to show my favorite places to eat and visit. Of course I couldn’t visit all my spots, I am on a budget after all. But we did get to go by my favorites!!!

First off Dzuik’s, and yes that is how you spell it. This place is like a meat lovers heaven!! Venison, beef, pork, chicken, and so much suasage!!! I love their beef jerky mostly because it is really authentic jerky. Not this plasticky super moist weird aftertaste stuff you get in the city. But really tough peppered full of flavor dried jerky. This is the kind of jerky you make at home. The kind you can only get in small towns (and Buccee’s). The kind that had a recipe that’s been passed down through generations of the same family. That’s been perfected year after year until it needs no more tweaking. The best kind of beef jerky.

They recently expanded the store and wow!! It looks amazing. So nice and organized. They definitely needed the extra space. And it suits them well. If you ever drive through this is a must stop. Especially if your on a road trip, jerky is a great road trip snack.










See y’all later!!