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One of my favorite things to do in San Antonio is go to Shakespeare in the Park every year. They always have a different play every year. This year was Hamlet, which is very gruesome yet humorous in many ways. This event is so much fun! and this year they really amped up the activity’s! Before the play started they had all kinds of games in the “food court” area, such as the Shakespearean insult the Hamlet mad-lib and the good old photo prop!

The play was great as always. The actors were entrancing. And the director was fabulous.  It was set in the beautiful Botanical Gardens, which I’ve only ever been in during Shakespeare but I love thoroughly. There is this giant  green house/conservatory building behind where they set up the stage and I remember going there as a little girl and walking through just feeling magical because I was still in a Shakespeare trance. In case you cant tell I have a very strong love affair with Shakespeare. Do you remember the best friend from 10 things I hate about you? that kind of of love affair. Anyways the setting is always perfect and this year was no exception. The weather was sublime!! Warm with a cool breeze and just enough movement to keep the bugs away.

If you live in San Antonio or near by and have never been, shame on you! Its free so it is very easy to go. They sell drinks and food and such plus except donations, everything the raise goes back to the play and to the Magick Theatre which is a children’s theatre who runs the play. Most of the actors are from The Magick Theatre and I think are just the greatest. I cant wait to see what they are going to do next year!


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