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So I have traditionally seen this on YouTube videos, but I thought I would give it a go on here. Now if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I don’t traditionally do beauty reviews on here. But you may have also noticed, I’m a female. We females have a tendency to like make-up/beauty items for the oddest reasons. So this month’s favorites have a beauty theme amongst them.



Here are my items

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This stuff is awesome! I have used it for several years now and it has never failed. It is very light and my hair feels refreshed afterward. Now I have tried other dry shampoos but, they always make my hair feel dirty and gross and then it gets nasty tangles which I hate. This NEVER happens when I use Batiste. I have very oily hair due to it being super curly and this dry shampoo helps fight the oils and leaves my hair clean healthy looking.


Rimmel London BB Cream Light


Now I had never really tried using foundations that much until this year. Mostly because I’ve never really had a need to. I was one of those strange teenagers who a) didn’t like make-up and b) didn’t really need it. I mostly never had terrible problems with acne (probably because I didn’t wear make-up) so I didn’t need to cover up and thanks to genetics I had great complexion. I still have little problems with acne and great skin but, now I like to wear foundation to protect my skin form the sun mostly, or for formal occasion. I noticed though that regular foundation was very heavy for just protection from the sun. I had read and heard that BB Cream was great to use as a tinted sunscreen. so I thought why not have a go. Now, I AM IN LOVE!! this stuff is great. It  feels light so i don’t feel like I have globs of makeup running down my face when it starts to heat up. it really does protect you from the sun with an SPF of 25, which does mean you have to reapply, but with such a small container it is easy to carry around.

With such a small container I thought maybe I wasn’t getting my moneys worth, I am. You really don’t have to use such heavy layers because it feels so light on your skin and still  does the job. recommend this? Yes, I do.


Milani Baked Blush- 05 Luminoso

I have been looking for a coraly pinkish blush for the summer months for a very long time. And I finally found it in this beautiful baked blush by Milani. the color is perfect for summer , with swirls of coral and the perfect shade of pink this blends beautifully with my cheeks to look so natural I’ve had people complement my complexion while wearing it. I love it and literally wear it all the time! I also love that I don’t need much , so I have a feeling this blush will last me a very long time.


Essie Nail polish in 584-Tart Deco

I tried Essie nail polish for the first time this past fall. I got this lovely deep shade of red that was perfect for the winter months and lasted on my nails for forever. It was a dream! now though I got this bright beautiful coral shade which I love the color on so I have a tendency to wear it all the time but, I chips so much more quickly than the other color did. I honestly don’t understand. maybe I m not putting enough coats on or maybe its just because of the change in weather. I keep hoping by some miracle that they will both react the same again but, I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. But I still adore the color immensely!

So that wraps up my May favorites, please let me know if ya’ll enjoyed this. I may do more but with different items and most likely things not beauty related, as this bunch was very unusual for me.


Talk to ya’ll later!