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At work they have moved me to a different location and so I had to go explore new lunch time options. Well I am in downtown San Antonio now and boy oh boy there so many options!!! Unfortunately most are expensive, as they are aimed at tourist who are more willing to spend more. Or higher up employees who get paid more than I do.

Amid this varied world of restaurants I have found what I think will be come a favorite!!! Simple, inexpensive and quick, The Station Cafe was a great experience.

A little sandwich shop sandwiched (pun intended) between Downtown and Southtown. It has character and delicious food. They have a variety of sandwiches, pizza, and salads. I had their tuna salad sandwich, which was huge and amazing! See below.


I had it along with some classic southern sweet tea. Which was very refreshing. Sitting along the front widows I was able to people watch and admire beautiful classic buildings.


Even though I had to park a ways away I enjoyed the walk to and from again ogling historic houses!


Overall I want to go back again and again!!