So as ya’ll may have noticed. I’ve skipped a few weeks in my Love List series, I have been super sick and quite frankly when your sick anything that makes you feel better you love, soup, long boring movies you’ve seen hundreds of times, cough medicine and headache pills, soft blankets, fuzzy socks and cool fluffy pillows.

Now that I’m somewhat back to normal I will try to get back in the swing of things around here.

1. Playing scrabble with Hubby for date night and laughing at all the stupid words we made up.

2. Finding my long lost sweatshirt from middle school that I absolutely love more than any piece of clothing, other than my wedding dress.

3. Having a snowball fight in Texas! Come on how often does that happen. Also I think this is why I relapsed.

4. Making an awesome chili/ goulash meal from canned goods and random meat in the fridge. May do a post on my Mom’s delicious goulash.

5. Baking brownies with my darling Hubby and adding way more chocolate than called for.




This skirt just makes me smile so much. It’s ridiculously adorable!


Don’t these just look super delicious!! I want to try these very soon.


I have a feeling Spring it gonna start getting to me soon, cause I am longing to fill the house with flowers!!

So here are a few things that made me smile or I want to remember forever.

What made you smile this week?