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I combined two weeks in this list because ive had a very hard couple weeks. I will not go into them because i do like to have a personal life. These few things did at least bring a smile to my face though:

1. Seeing Walter Mitty.

2. Finishing more of my mood blanket (looking a little dark though).

3.  Going bowling with Hubby

4. Becoming obsessed with the Fozen soundtrack.

5.  http://dreamshopesandloveliness.tumblr.com/post/74079131903/hannaolivia-our-backpacking-essentials-bean


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7. almost half way through my January “month” of blanket.

8. staying home and playing hooky with my love.

9. re-dying my hair to my “natural” color

10. watching a Revenge marathon with Hubby, and being completely shocked by everything.

11. (yes I had 11!!) finally getting a library card, to assist my brain and budget with my Book of the Moment posts. Again just a little request if you have any book suggestions please leave them below in the comments. thanks!

These are just a few of the thing that made me smile this week. I’ll share more next!!

See y’all later!