I have discovered the crochet project of crochet projects!!! Recently, I have seen this hash tag popping  all over Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. and i was intrigued. so i started snooping around and found that this amazing wonderful woman, mummy_stacey. She came up with this brilliant idea to crochet, or knit a square of your choice in the color of your choice to represent your mood of the day.

This idea makes me soo happy, it is great because it gives you a little bit to work on everyday, and gives you a great blanket at the end of the year.

Ways you can follow the craze:

Instagram: #crochetmoodblanket2014

Twitter: #crochetmoodblanket2014

Facebook: i couldn’t get to the Facebook page because it is private but here is a blog with a link.    http://crochetime.net/2013/12/30/crochet-mood-blanket-2014/

and zillion other blogs!!

Shopping: Well there are options there too! One of my favorites: http://www.yarnandcraftshop.co.uk/ is having a special for the entire year. See her Instagram for more details.

Note: as I find more I will update, and I’m sure I will considering I’m in!!

Follow my Twitter to keep up with my blanket progress. Depending on demand I may do a weekly or monthly post with updates.


Come on fellow Crocheters!! Let’s get them hooks out and moods ready!