In case you couldn’t tell I love the series Outlander (see Twitter feed). I have been reading these books since I was about 14-15. Now I am not going to recommend that to others jut because the books do have more of an adult side at points.
Anyways rambling, these books are great!! They had me intrigued from the words Scotland and time-travel, and once you read one you will most likely become addicted also. They are not easy reads but they are great. They have suspense, action, romance, Sci-Fi, history, and more. It’s one of those rare books that can fit into almost any category, and let’s face it that’s kinda how life is. A mix of everything!!


I have read this book and the whole series many times (kinda lost count). But decided to reread it again. Since, they are finally going to turn the books series into a tv series!!!!! Thank you Starz!!! I have been following the progress so far but have been shy about talking about it since as a long time fan I have heard many many rumors of a tv show, movie, different producers and such but, this is the first one that had Diana’s (the author of Outlander) backing. She has been very involved which just makes me giddy!!! I know it’s going to be amazing and wonderful. The actors they have picked so far seem perfect and they keep giving us little tidbits.
Again I’ve rambled, I just love this story so much! I will probably do more as it gets closer. This is the year it will premiere so let’s all root for my team!