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I had mentioned about doing a list of likes and loves from the week. Here is the first in hopefully a long line.

1. Dancing in my living room with my DH.

2. Jamie and Claire Photo being released on Twitter,

3.  This is just the cutest color combo I’ve seen for Granny Square’s!

4. Tumblr has me captivated this time of year. 

5.  Road trips sound wonderful, right now.

6. Staying in bed and exploring the internet!

7. Shopping for books, and yarn, and notebooks

8. Getting to work early and jamming out to Bryan Adams – Best of Me album in the freezing cold.

9. Getting a pretty new notebook!

10. Watching the Aggie game with my husband and loving the fact that I was yelling more at the screen then he was, (usually because he is yelling at the screen).

These are just a few of the thing that made me smile this week. I’ll share more next!!

See y’all later!