This year has been full of it’s ups and downs like any other. And this still new blog has had it’s share. Care to review?


I welcomed you to join me in my adventure of writing a blog. Which as we’ve seen has been a mix of bad writing and okay. I am defiantly not the greatest. I’ve learned I need more pictures and more planning for the blog. We also explored how to remove wallpaper, that method really worked!! and how to grow garlic, which was not a very successful, my garlic did not have any results, but i have been researching this more and will get an update soon. I completed my menu board, which has been so helpful! I love using it, and have been adding more recipes to my collection.


We started February with a baby blanket that i made for a close friend of mine. I’ve got another one coming up for 2014 also. Then we had the SUPER BOWL!!! Which was pretty awesome, and there were many laughs. Then we had some food posts, that looking back make me pretty hungry. More posts regarding food, and how to brig home your food conveniently. Then I started a series for Thank You Note Day, which i have to say turned out pretty amazing. Definitely my first great accomplishment on this blog.


We continued with the thanks and giving in March. And I couldn’t help but self promote m Etsy shop Hannah’s Catchall Cottage, quite a bit in this month.


This month started spicy!! Homemade salsa was the highlight. Followed by an evening in with the girls. and Earth Day!


I tempted you with ideas, and have yet to bring any of them to life on here. But soon… I hope…


Was very small as far as the blog went, I only posted once. of corse it was about my favorite subject. FOOD!


Always one of my favorite months, with our anniversary. It was filled with surprises and new features. I introduced the Book of the Moment feature which I have loved. and has been a very nice outlet for my love of reading. Sadly i did not reach my Goodreads book challenge goal, but hopefully next year. I shared my joy of music. Then my amazing Anniversary week!!!!! I love anniversary week, with the gifts I gave and the ones I received! It was truly amazing! As the month was ending i was gearing up for some interesting events in August….


I had a booth at my first real craft fair. It was a great learning experience, and i took much away from it. I shared some tips i had picked up  fro the Internet, Etsy teams, and experience at smaller fairs. More great books, and the start of football season. Sadly i lost in my Fantasy league but, i did get second place! then i set my goals for my new “year” still working on a few but, so far so good.


I wanted to start what would have been an awesome series, but as you read later on we moved again and plans changed.


*cricket* *cricket* uhhh… well…. yeah.


Was filled with a quick hello!


We started the month with a bit yummy breakfast, a great way to start the day too. And a lovely wedding gift idea.

Now here we are at the end of the year, with so many memories behind us, and so many plans ahead. I have more Books to be reviewed, and crocheted items to show. There may or may not be a giveaway in the works for the blogs 1 year anniversary in January. Along with a food series that i have been working on for some time. Also i have noticed that i tend to dwell on the negative, even though i know there is so much good in my life! so i will try to do a post once a week with some of my favorite things, whether  that is something that made me smile or a Pinterest pin, or a post from Tumblr, or just a passing happy thought. I may put a limit of 10-15, haven’t figured out all the logistics on that one yet but, the first one will be up end of this week. Crazy to think only 1 more day of 2013 and then we bring on the New Year.

See ya’ll then!