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My oh my!! This month has flown by! With trying to recoup from November, then getting sick and finally frantically getting together all the little goodies for my best friends wedding gifts I have been in nonstop motion.

I am super excited about these gifts though! The first is one she asked for but a very clever idea if any of you want some unique wedding gift inspiration!

She asked me to help stock her medicine cabinet which once she said it I was like wow! I wish someone had done that for me when I was getting married I remember going around and getting things when I needed them but if I had had them on hand I would have been much less stressed when I was sick or not feeling good. So I got some of the basics together and rounded them up into a cute little basket which I think she’ll probably use as a toilet paper holder. Here is a list if the items I got her:

Cotton balls
Cough drops
Cough medicine/NyQuil
A thermometer
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide
An ace bandage
Wash clothes
Basic Tylenol
Lip balm
Band aids
Portable First aid kit

Then I placed them all in the basket and labeled them with cute tags saying things like for your ears, for your throat. And wrapped it all with a big bow!

Pardon the moving mess in the background.

Hopefully she will love it!!

Then since she is not a very experienced cook I put together a cookbook of easy recipes from some of the important women in her life. And add photos of us growing up and her and hubby to be. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens that one since she doesn’t know it’s coming.

I love giving gifts and when its for someone who is very special to me it means even more!! I love seeing their faces and when they love the gift it just makes me sooo giddy I feel like a little kid again!!

Just had to share that joy with all!!