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Since I’ve started working again, and not being the stay at home wife I loved to be. I’ve had a lot of time in the car and that involves commutes and errands that normally I wouldn’t have that much of.
My worst enemy has become the breakfast taco. These wonderful and quick to pick up breakfasts are killing my trim tummy(not so trim now). Since I’ve noticed this tubby tummy forming I’ve decided to take action and fight the flab!!

I love the idea of staying healthy as long as I can and keeping a toned body for my darling hubby! So I’ve been experimenting with quick healthy breakfasts and even have a few drive-thru favorites that when your really cut for time can save you a few minutes.

Muffins with yogurt side.

Now this may sound bad, but I found the most delicious recipe that is super healthy, blueberry orange oatmeal muffins ( damn delicious.net/2012/05/21/muffin-Monday-blueberry-orange-oatmeal-muffins/ ). It has fiber, along with yummy fruits and when I make it I use low fat or fat free yogurt to make it less calories too. A friend of mine looked up the calorie content for the version I make and I believe she said it was less than 100 for one muffin. Not a bad choice.


Another yummy choice if you have a little extra time is an omelet. I love omelets, they are yummy and I can add whatever to them. You have literally have a different omelet everyday if you wanted too! They are so easy to make personal to what you like and love.

Now some of my faster drive-thru choices.

Starbucks oatmeal.

Yum!! Can I just say how much I love Starbucks. They are amazing every time I go in there it makes me happy. Having a bad day? Go to Starbucks. Need a pick me up? Go to Starbucks. Feeling crappe? Have a Starbucks frappe!!

The food there is so good too. And one of my favorite breakfasts is the classic oatmeal. Now I like to do mine maybe a little differently than most people. I mix in the brown sugar they provide immediately so that it kinda melts into the oatmeal while it finishes cooking. And I save the dried fruits for a snack later. Basically I get two meals in one!!

Yay! So this is my little bit of thoughts today, just a note, I am not a professional health advisor I just think these are healthy meals, more healthy than buttered up, lardy breakfast tacos. Which I still love but need to cut back on.these are not part of any special diet just happen to be part of mine.