Well I had mentioned before I wanted to get us more organized. I’m tired of coming home and there being junk everywhere. Every surface covered with stuff that doesn’t belong there. And general messiness.

I have complied a list, of rooms in the order I want to tackle them. Then have assigned myself a time line for each. Now overall I’m guessing it will probably take a year, since I want to tackle the whole house every nook and cranny.

Room List
1. Closet/Clothes – month and a half
2. Bathroom – month
3. Pantry – month and a half
4. Laundry – two weeks
5. “Office” – month and a half
6. Crafts – two weeks
7. Living Room – month
8. Q (our dog and his things) – two weeks
9. Bedroom – two months
10. Jewelry – two weeks
11. Storage room – month

Now some of these will probably combine actual rooms and some are just a category of items. But I figured it would be a good order for me and I could spread them out.

The time frames are just estimates too. Some may take longer depending on what I will need and our budget.

Will keep ya’ll posted!!!