Now I know this sounds a little strange, probably only a handful will understand this. But I like to start my year in September. It comes from a lot of things have always seem to renew them selves in September for me. Starting with school, then fall comes(which is my favorite time of year), I have a tendency of starting jobs in Sept., and my “volunteer” calendar begins again in Sept.

So anyways a lot of things start in September for me so I always use it as my new year. And I decided to set some goals for me this year that are quite extreme for me.

Hannah’s Goals

1. Wake up earlier
2. Go to bed earlier
Now these are probably going to be the hardest for me because as of right now DH gets home very late from work because he has wonky hours. But I will figure something out….
3. Eat much better.
4. Actually eat breakfast every morning.
5. Read my daily text everyday.
6. Excerise more often(not once every week).
7. Drink only water. Add occasionally tea and maybe a bit of 21 and over.
8. Keep a better journal. And a carry around journal. Or maybe just combine them?
9. Keep up with the cleaning better.
I have no excuse for this because I don’t “work” like a normal person and have plenty of time to do it.
10. Write more letters to people. Not emails or texts. Letters with pen and paper and a stamp.

Now some of these I edited for myself from a beautiful little list on Tumblr. You can find this list under my Etsy/Shop Tumblr Hannah’s Catchall Cottage. If you look in the archives. Under July 16, 2013.

Please share your goals if you have any. Or maybe just something small you want to accomplish before the calendar year is up!