I love how creative me and my husband are. We both have an artistic side that comes out to really surprise us both.

He draws, which is something I didn’t know until after we got married. I think it’s awesome! Mostly though he loves music. He isn’t very good at singing but hearing how an album should be put together is amazing. He used to do that for me. Create albums from songs we love for our month-aversary gifts.

His current endeavor is YouTube. Now he hasn’t actually made any video yet but he i working on his first one and it is amazing. And he only has like a minute of it made.

I myself has delved into quite a few artistic avenues as seen from my Etsy, to my photo hobby, to this blog.

Being such a creative couple has also lead us to be a very cluttered couple. Which leads me to my project for the next year. Other than a set of goals which I set for myself, this year I’m going to tackle our clutter issue and get organized.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to go about this yet but, I will do a post on that soon.

Till then, happy camping!