I love football!!! And so does my hubby! Which is one of the many reasons we get along so well. 🙂

Well this year for some odd reason none on his guy buddy’s decided to do fantasy football, and both of u really enjoy the friend competitive banter we have when we are doing FF. so I decided to do a mostly girls FF league this year!!! I say mostly because my hubby is not the only hubby to be tortured by our girly antics in FF this year. But I’m sure it will be great fun!!

None of the girls have ever played in a FF league but do know a little about football so that helps. It’s great too cause we are all spread about the country and this is gonna be a great way for us to chitchat more!!

Have you ladies ever taken on anything this crazy and fun for your hubby? Hubby’s would your wife do this for you? Share your stories in the comments!!

Byyyeee!!! 🙂