Now before I ever even applied to my first craft fair I did a ton if research. Most of it was what do I bring. Sometimes we crafty people can’t seem to think of everything, but we do help each other out by giving tips and lists! So here is mine. Some maybe obvious, and some may not apply to your product but, you may get ideas for other things you need to bring. So here it is:

1. Inventory (kinda obvious but still)
2. Booth supplies. This can include many things. For me it’s
White Tables clothes,
Drying rack,
Earring stand,
And baskets.

Now just as a note. The color of the table clothes is entirely up to you. I prefer white because I feel like it shows of my items better being that they are a variety of colors but its is light and airy feeling too. Some prefer black, which I think works really well if you have jewelry or some other sort of shiny material. Just use what works best with the majority of your items!

3. Business supplies. Including…
4. Business cards
5. Change
6. Card reader or machine (I use square, but I’ve heard PayPal is good too)
7. Pens
8. Markers
9. Paper
10. Tape
11. Counterfeit pen
12. Extra whatever ( I bring extra yarn or safety pens, and bobby pins for my hair pins)
13. Tags
14. String
15. Mirror
16. Tent(if you need one)

Personal items
Because you need to remember not only are your items going to be there all day but so are you.
17. Advil
18. Lunch
19. Tons of water. Ill drink coffee the morning of but during only water, it doesn’t dry out your mouth(you’ll be talking to customers), and lets face it we all need more water.
20. Chair.
21. Assistant, this time it will be my mom, but a friend would work or even a spouse if they are available. My DH has to work so boo :(.
22. Snack. Something not messy.
23. Extra clothes. I don’t have messy items usually but, sometimes set up can be messy if your lugging and lifting. Plus I live in Texas and it gets hot! So I bring extra clothes incase I sweat through my shirt and I can still look nice all day!

24. Lint brush, for me and my items.
25. Boxes to haul everything in
26. Signage. Now I just use little signs all over the booth, but someday i want all my signs to be chalkboard.
27. Care instruction cards
28. Coupons for next time or your website if you have one.
29. Work you can be doing while you are between rushes.
30. Order forms
31. Gift supplies.
Like bags and tissue paper it makes your customers feel good!
32. And a smile!

Remover you here to sell and have fun! If your not having fun then you probably won’t sell as much, people like happy artists!

So that’s my two cents on this subject. I you see anything you want to add please comment below! Help each other out! We are a small community of crafters and artists but, if we stick together it seems larger!