So here is a giant announcement for me…. (Drumroll) I’m going to be doing my very first real craft fair!! Haha I guess I kinda gave that away with the title but it is very exciting! It will be held at the SoFlo Market at 1344 S. Flores st in San Antonio Texas!

If any of my small number of readers lives in or near Sa. Please come out and check it out. It is a great venue and has such a wide variety of artists and crafters! On August 10! That’s important to know right. From 10-6. Hopefully it won’t be blazing hot outside like it has been lately.

I can’t wait and am so nervous by this exciting opportunity. It’s kinda like a dream!

Luv y’all!

Oh! Ill be the one with all the crochets items! Check out my Etsy shop for a sneak peek!