I was reading a Miss Moss article about you first memories crafting. So of course this got me thinking, some of the comment were about glue.

Now when I first read the title and theme I thought cross stitch, but the glue comment triggered memories of me sitting in my grandparents dining room, with construction paper spread all over the table and me cutting away at shapes and drawings and this giant(I thought it was giant) jar of glue, with a twist off top and a brush attached to the lid. The brush would spread these globs of glue all over the papers I wanted to attach.

Then later I would have this little mug of water that I would dip my brush in and paint with water my special coloring books. Did anyone else have those? Where you painted the water and the page would change color? I loved those! I had Pocahontas and Toy Story and Disney princesses.

I guess sometime after that is when I learned cross stitch. It’s amazing thigh what can trigger a memory so vivid even though you may not have thought of it in years!

So to continue the question, what is your earliest craft memory? Please comment I would love to know!