We had our anniversary and of course were so excited we somehow managed to turn it into a two week celebration! First it started with us opening our presents, DH got me 5 present!! I don’t say this to brag, honestly, i was just so shocked and excited that it was very impressive. Of course not all of these gifts were over the top or crazy expensive, but the all meant something to me.

One was a goofy set of magnets, another a candle in one of my favorite scents, one was a dvd set of some 80’s movies i love. These were very simple inexpensive gifts that showed how well he knew me and how much he cared. the other two were even more meaningful, one was a camera, which i had been hinting at for forever!! see my old camera that i had bought myself back in high school was awesome, just a simple point ans shoot that had amazing results. Unfortunately it broke, and was way past the warranty, so he got me a new one, which was kinda more expensive than i would have expected but still very thoughtful, and something ill use and cherish. 

The last gift was even more meaningful, it made me cry. He put together this beautiful collage, of cd covers, and little sayings that just kinda summed up us. it was simple, super inexpensive but, by far the most romantic gift of the year. Now everyone who comes over to our house will have to suffer the gooey mess i will become when i show of this awesome gift! 

So since i recieved so many gifts we spread them out and opened one a night until the big day, then we both opened our last gifts, and the cards! I loved his card super adorable, and goofy. Like us! 

That night he brought home a steak dinner even though he has been faithfully sticking to his diet. and we gorged!! Which was wonderful. and slept in late the next day. We took our adorable fur baby to the dog park, and just enjoyed the day together. Day after that we spent with his family, which was nice because we hadn’t really gotten a chance to spend time with them since his brother and sister in law moved. So we just chatted and caught up on everything that is going on. 


All in all, it was a wonderful week, and we are still madly in love!! Which is awesome and amazing. I still have the best husband i could ever ask for and  who would want any more than that… 🙂