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This is the first of a series of books I read when I was in high school. I loved them because I have always loved history and what girl doesn’t like a bit of romance thrown in to spice up the boring moments?

They are two story’s in one, the first is a modern girl doing research on several of the spies that assisted in the British during the french revolution and Napoleons era. while doing research she meets a very rude character who she continues to encounter through out the series. The second story is of a young lady during the time period of the spies who is very interested in joining the league and assisting in taking down the rebels, and bringing back the french monarchy. 

These books are an easy read, fun but not much to keep track of that wont be filled in completely at the end. There are a few steamy scenes but nothing, R rated, more PG-13, with maybe one or two skipped paragraphs if you so choose. (I wont judge you if you do skip, to each his own) Still i have always enjoyed reading them and will reread them many more times i’m sure.


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