I  love books, and reading. These have always been some of my greatest passion. So recently I decided to try to start adding what books I was reading to my blog. I’m thinking of calling it, Book of the Moment. Cause let’s face it when your in the middle of a really great book, you feel like you’ve read for days, but it’s only really been a moment.

So I will start doing these whenever I finish a book, or reread some of my favorites.

Also, I use this awesome website, called Goodreads. They have every book you can possibly think of, and your can keep track of what you read and what your friends have read. It’s really cool, I like it at least. Anyways, every year they do a reading challenge, where you challenge yourself to read so many books, which I thought was a really fun idea. Go check it out!! and come be my friend on there. Let’s compare books, and see what taste we have in common!!

I will also add a widget on the side for my Goodreads 2013 challenge.


Hope you enjoy!