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Well tonight marked the first official Smith (names have been changed) girls night in! To start off with the theme! Mexican! And the salsa was a bust. To salty, as Darling Hubby said and vetoed the serving of said salsa to any living human being.

Also to make the evening more exciting, I had been on rough terms with my lovely(I sincerely mean lovely!) sister in law. Which made for much worry on my part. Would she come? Why hadn’t she let me know what she was bringing? How would she act?

All the while I am rushing around cleaning house to be spotless for my critical sister, and wonderful mother. Setting up tables, making food labels, and food.


The menu

Wonton tacos-me
Chips and guacamole-me
Sausage and cheese dip-mom
Enchilada casserole-sister in law
Homemade churros-me


Wonton Tacos

1 lbs of ground beef(can be mixed with turkey)
Wonton wrappers

Cook meat and season with either a premixed taco seasoning or personal taste. Until browned.
In a muffin tin, place wrappers inside cups to form bowls. Place a small amount of meat, sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

Thanks to Pinterest! These wonton tacos, as I call them, were a huge hit!!


Everyone had a blast. We talked and watched movies. And as always I worried way more than needed.


Before everyone showed up though I tried to burn down the house making homemade churros. The process was going fine until the pastry bag decided to bust and almost fall into the hot oil. Which of course had some frying already and started burning and setting off the fire alarms. All the while Darling Hubby is on the phone with people and I am making quite a racket! What a wonderful man he is!!


All in all everyone went home happy and stuffed and broke all of our diets! It was a wonderful evening!