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So when we first got married. I slowly bought those reusable grocery bags. You know the ones they have at H-E-B, Walmart, target, etc. That you use over and over again to save the environment and get rid of plastic bags.

Great in theory right? Well recently I learned that these bag are some of the dirtiest places in your entire house!!! Because you can’t wash them.

They can’t be sanitized in anyway that will actually kill the bacteria that grows from being around food.

So what do I do?

I wanna do my part to help the earth but, I wanna stay clean and healthy myself.

My solution is to buy some cloth ones! Well I start looking around and they are expensive!! Until I realize I can make them myself!!!

Hence….(drumroll please)


My heavy duty, tried and tested crocheted grocery bags. These things work great!!! Plus, I feel good cause I did them myself and saved money.

I will be making more to sell on my Etsy shop. And depending on the feedback I may even make up a PDF of the pattern I came up with. Which would be available on Etsy also.

Update!!!! Here is the grocery bag on the Etsy shop!!! Shop here!

So I end this with a congrats to me!! And an idea for you.