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So recently I have been working on the biggest day for my husband every year, the Super Bowl! He calls it the national holiday of men. And wears his teams jersey no matter who is playing. So every year so far I make cookies. Last year for the Giants and the Patriots they looked like this.


With a special one for his Cowboys loving brother…

All in good fun of course. 😉

Well this year I made similar one for. The 49ers and the Ravens. I always try to do an even mix of both so I am not biased until game time!
Here is some stages of the cookies.


Making the icing.

Edging the cookies with store bought to keep the edges clean. If you want you can use homemade icing also on the edges but you have to wait for it to thicken before you edge them.

Fill with the homemade in the correct team colors. Wait about 30-60 min to let them set.

All together with the letters on top! And an even 8 and 8 of each! Such a success!!!

Here is the recipe for the icing

Royal Icing

3 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla
4 cups powdered sugar

Mix altogether and then color to preference!

One small tip! If you put all the sugar in at the same time then use a towel to carefully cover the bowl before you insert the mixer. It will help reduce the amount of powder every where and keep clean up easy.
The other option is to add small amounts at a time.

Enjoy baking!